Mar 26th 2014

Sanctified Bracelet & Wallet Chain

Today we’re excited to unveil not one, but two new members of the Sanctified family—the Sanctified Trigger bracelet and the Sanctified wallet chain. The Sanctified series …

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Feb 19th 2014

On The Cuff

Putting on your first pair of cufflinks is practically a rite of manhood. Perhaps your dad lent you a pair so you could impress your prom date. Or maybe they were a graduation gift fro …

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Dec 11th 2013


Introducing Aeonian, the newest addition to our ring collection. This ring’s inception was a little different than most of the pieces we’ve created, so we thought it would …

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Oct 23rd 2013

The High Seas Rally

By Jared Jambor, VP of Operations ABOUT THE RALLY For those of you who aren’t familiar with the High Seas Rally, you haven’t lived unless you’ve experienced it! I& …

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Aug 1st 2013

The Time Has Come

Introducing the first ever NightRider watches! Manufactured through a partnership with Swiss watchmaker TW Steel, this first run of 300 high quality timepieces features a .925 silver e …

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Apr 24th 2013

The Guardian

I get a lot of questions about the actual ideas behind the design that goes into our pieces. So I figured that the release of this new collection would be a good time to start sharing …

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