Jaguar Warriors: Knights of the Aztec Empire

Jaguar Warriors: Knights of the Aztec Empire

Ocelotl [oh-say-lo]:“Jaguar Warrior” in the Aztec language of Nahuatl.

It can be said that all warriors have the heart of a jaguar. And among all those brave souls, a rare few are destined for greatness. The Aztec Jaguar Warriors were among those few.

Today, there are still those born with a jaguar heart. For them, there are many warrior paths. And whether they chose to enter the battlefield of life with a sword, their fists, or simply their convictions—their ambition and dedication have molded them into modern-day Jaguar Warriors.

Introducing the Ocelotl Ring and Ocelotl Band.

Ocelotl Aztec Warrior Ring in Sterling Silver by NightRider Jewelry


Ocelotl Band Aztec Jaguar Ring with Turquoise Eyes in Sterling Silver by NightRider Jewelry


Unmasking the Jaguar Knights

The Jaguar Warriors were members of one of the most elite military units of the Aztec empire. The knights of their kingdom, they were full-time soldiers whose ferocity on the battlefield was unmatched. Off the battlefield, they were expected to exhibit equally strong leadership skills. Sworn to protect the cities and their citizens, the Jaguar Warriors served as both peacekeepers and law enforcement when not at war.

Boxer displaying Ocelotl Warrior Ring

Ocelotl Ring: The Warrior

All young Aztec men were trained as warriors. Whether their origins were peasant, merchant, or noble, each soldier was given the opportunity to rise through the military ranks to greatness. But attaining Jaguar Warrior status required not only years of military training and fearlessness in battle. It also meant honoring the gods with the successful capture of four enemy soldiers.

Once granted the title of Jaguar Warrior, the Ocelotl became a member of an elite order. Their skills, bravery, and self-sacrifice had made them equal in status to society's highest members. Donning the skins of the jaguar, they honored the Aztec jaguar god Tezcatlipoca. And in wearing the pelt of the jaguar they gained all strength, cunning, and prowess of the jungle’s apex predator.

The Ocelotl Ring, Front Voew with Red Garnet Eyes in the Warrior and Turquoise Eyes in the Jaguar
A View of the Under Gallery of the Ocelotl Ring, Featuring an Aztec Pyramid
A Side View of the Ocelotl Aztec Jaguar Warrior Ring, Featuring the Aztec Sun God •	Tonatiuh


Ocelotl Warrior – Dressed to embody the jaguar god Tezcatlipoca, the Ocelotl believed that wearing the jaguar pelt lent him all the apex predator’s power and prowess in battle.

Turquoise – Prized above even gold, the Aztecs believed this stone had healing properties and would bring strength, prosperity, and success in battle.

Lip Plug – The greatest warriors were given a chalchiuhtentetl by the emperor himself, a decorative turquoise stone lip plug.

Under Gallery – A temple atop an Aztec pyramid, beneath the ray of the sun. The double-headed snake is a representation of the feathered snake god Quetzalcoatl.

Tonatiuh – The Aztec Sun God. Featured on the shanks, he appears as he does on the Aztec calendar—with his obsidian tongue sticking out, demanding a sacrifice.

Boxer Wearing Ocelotl Band Jaguar Ring

Ocelotl Band: The Jaguar

All animals are the jaguar’s prey, but the jaguar is prey to none.

Living in close proximity to an apex predator naturally breeds respect and admiration. Beautiful and deadly, the Aztecs considered the jaguar spiritually on par with humans. Like man, they are the ultimate hunter and master of their domain. Revered for their speed, agility, and grace, jaguars became the symbol of ferocity and valor. And while all men carry the jaguar within themselves, only some have learned to harness that power.

The Ocelotl Aztec Jaguar Ring with Turquoise Jaguar Eyes
The Under Gallery of the Ocelotl Band, Featuring a Skull Jaguar Warrior flanked by 2 Eagle Warriors
A Side View of the Ocelotl Jaguar Band Ring, Featuring an Aztec Macuahuitl


Jaguar: An Aztec symbol of strength, war, and a representation of the jaguar god Tezcatlipoca.

Double-headed Snake: The feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, Aztec god of the wind and wisdom.

Under Gallery: A skull Jaguar Warrior flanked by two members of the other elite Aztec military unit, the Eagle Warriors.

Macuahuitl: A large double-edged wooden sword, studded with razor-sharp obsidian glass blades. Both sides of the band's shank feature this trusted weapon of the Jaguar Warrior.

Boxer Standing Stoically
Wrapping a Boxer's Wrists Before a Fight
Boxers Sparring
Boxer Delivering a Punch
Boxer Contemplating the Fight

Part of the BattleWorn Collection, we created both the Ocelotl Ring and the Ocelotl Band to honor the jaguar heart within all warriors. Each captures the fierce spirit of these ancient soldiers, as well as the inner fire of today’s modern Jaguar Warrior. Worn individually or side by side, both rings tell the tale of a rare breed—and proclaim the wearer as a champion and part of the jaguar tribe.

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