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Did you know that the designers at NightRider Jewelry didn’t start out in jewelry? They were fine artists first!

So, if you need the perfect man cave art to take your space to the next level, NightRider art is the solution! Our collection of limited-edition, infused metal art prints is 100% made in the USA and showcases a captivating fusion of artistry and precision. These metal wall art prints feature iconic NightRider designs like the Ace of Spades, based on our best-selling playing cards by designer Jeff Trish. Each metal print is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, ensuring a lasting symbol of style and sophistication.

If you’re feeling more traditional, our giclée fine art prints are printed on the highest quality archival paper using pigment-based ink (rather than dyes). The giclée process is so exacting that it captures every movement and stroke of the artist’s brush or pencil, just as they were on the day the piece was created. These giclée NightRider prints feature the work of our lead designer, Nick Ballantyne, and include the Heir to the Kingdom (the lion art print) and the iconic Poison skull art print.

And don’t forget! Each of our fine NightRider art prints is a numbered limited edition and personally signed by the artist. They're a great way to spruce up your space with some of the coolest art prints around.