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We’ve all got a warrior within. Shouldn’t your jewelry reflect that? That’s why we created the BattleWorn Collection, a jewelry series that celebrates some of the greatest warriors throughout history. Which ultimate warrior do you identify with?

  • Samurai Warrior: For those who live by the Bushido Code, one of our Japanese samurai rings or samurai pendants is for you
  • Aztec Warrior: Are you a modern Aztec warrior? The Ocelotl Aztec jaguar warrior rings and jaguar warrior pendant are your spirit animals
  • Viking Warrior: In touch with your inner Viking? The Einherjar Viking Rings, and Valkyria Valkyrie Ring and Viking Pendants will set you on the path to Valhalla
  • Roman Warrior: If it’s the Roman Colosseum that calls to you, then the Rudiarious Gladiator Ring and Roman Gladiator Pendant are there to guide you
  • Spartan Warrior: Willing to stand with your brothers to the end? The Thermopylae Spartan Ring and Spartan Band honors the sacrifices of the 300