May 11th 2016

Risen From Ruins

Introducing Risen from Ruins—three new pieces designed collaboratively between NightRider and renowned artist David Uhl. This new series was unveiled at our Denver store’s …

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Mar 2nd 2016

Introducing Old Salt Pendant

Voyaging on the open seas shares a lot in common with riding down the open road… the fresh air, the wind in your face, trekking towards the horizon under the blazing sun or a st …

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Dec 9th 2015

Ari Ring & Necklace

Introducing the newest additions to the NightRider collection, the Ari ring and Ari necklace. Handcrafted in the USA with solid .925 silver, both pieces feature an elegant sideways cross …

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Oct 14th 2015

Eden & Genesis

Introducing our brand new series of chains and bracelets—Eden and Genesis. Designed to be light in weight but heavy on style, their slender links unite with an ornate toggle clos …

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Jan 28th 2015

Smaller, But Not Lesser

NightRider is renowned for producing solid, heavy, substantial rings. Some people find that certain rings are too large to fit their hands, however. A request we commonly get is to mak …

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Jul 30th 2014

Eye of Providence

Introducing the Eye Of Providence ring, a collaborative design between NightRider Jewelry and world-renowned artist David Uhl. You may be familiar with Uhl’s work through his con …

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