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Watch Care & Warranty

Cared for properly, your NightRider Limited Edition Swiss Automatic Watch will stand the test of time. Let our resident watch specialist, Drew, give you the lowdown on how to care for your new timepiece to ensure it remains the heirloom-quality wristwatch that future generations deserve.

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How does an automatic watch work?

An automatic watch movement uses a rotor, or metal weight, to power the timepiece. The rotor oscillates every time the wearer moves their wrist, causing it to spin. That spinning motion is transferred into energy, automatically winding the watch's mainspring.

What should you do if your automatic watch stops?

If the 38-hour power reserve runs out on your automatic watch, it will stop running. This is perfectly normal, and there is no harm done. You'll simply need to wind it manually.

How do you manually wind an automatic watch?

To manually wind your automatic watch, you can turn the crown clockwise 10-15 spins while in the pushed-in (closed) position, OR, while cradling the watch in your palm, gently shake it back and forth for 15 seconds to get the rotor moving.

What happens if a watch is overwound?

Overwinding an automatic watch can risk damaging the teeth of some of the small internal wheels.

What's the best way to clean and polish an automatic watch?

Use the provided polishing cloth that comes in your watch box.

When should my watch be serviced?

Have your NightRider Automatic watch professionally serviced every 5-7 years, and it will last a lifetime and beyond.


NightRider warranties your watch’s movement for one year from the date of purchase, and against defects in materials or craftsmanship of parts for two years from the date of purchase. Warranty does not cover straps, crystals, cosmetic issues such as scratches or normal wear and tear, or any damage arising from accidents, misuse, alteration, or for any case breach in an attempted service or repair performed by an unauthorized party. Due to the nature of metals, any sterling silver or 14K gold elements may be expected to tarnish over time and require periodic polishing. Warranty repairs will be performed at no charge; you pay only the shipping cost.

We will also accept watches for out-of-warranty repairs; after we receive the watch, an inspection will be performed, and we will contact you with the estimated repair cost. If your watch requires service, please contact us by email at or by phone at 800.566.8661.

Repairs must be shipped directly to NightRider. Please print and fill out the Automatic Swiss Watch Service Form (PDF), pack and seal your box securely, and don’t forget to include a contact number. We recommend that you ship your package with a carrier who will provide a tracking number and insure your shipment. For security purposes do not write the word JEWELRY anywhere on your package.

Once your package has been received, your watch will be processed and shipped back to you as soon as possible. Our customer service department will contact you when your watch is ready, and to process your payment for return shipping.


For out-of-warranty service of TW Steel watches (2013 series), please email the appropriate address below for instructions on where to ship your watch for repair.

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Worldwide Customer Service: