Aug 30th 2013

Patriot Day: 9/11 Run

Please join Team Red, White and Blue & the NightRider family in paying tribute to our veterans on Patriot Day! We’re hosting a run with two route options and snacks & refre …

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Aug 16th 2013

Cycle Source - Aug 2013

Aug 2013 | Vol 17, Issue 5 What You Didn’t Know—10 Questions With Thad Ballantyne & Nick Ballantyne Name: Nick Ballantyne & Thad BallantyneAge: 28 & 32Bu …

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Aug 1st 2013

The Time Has Come

Introducing the first ever NightRider watches! Manufactured through a partnership with Swiss watchmaker TW Steel, this first run of 300 high quality timepieces features a .925 silver e …

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Jun 27th 2013

We've Got Stones, Alright

By Thad Ballantyne, Head of Production One of the unique qualities of NightRider jewelry can be found in pieces that feature gemstones. There are a few different ways in which we inco …

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Jun 5th 2013

Don't Tread On Me

By Nick Ballantyne, Lead Designer The idea for this collection came from one definitive thing—my love for the country that I live in. I’ve always felt that the United Stat …

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