The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come

Introducing the first ever NightRider watches! Manufactured through a partnership with Swiss watchmaker TW Steel, this first run of 300 high quality timepieces features a .925 silver eagle on the dial and a durable canteen-style crown cap. Features include a Swiss movement, a reinforced mineral crystal, and water resistance up to 10 ATM (100 meters/300 feet). Three different stainless steel finishes are available: Black, Steel, and Titanium Gray. All watches feature a genuine leather strap with steel clasp and a sturdy storage case.

We chose to work with TW Steel because they design beautiful high-end watches, and also because they have very high quality standards. We wanted to do something unique and different—they have the expertise to pull that off, and they do so with a tremendous amount of style and attention to detail.

We asked their Chief Design Officer, Ton Cobelens, what he likes about NightRider. He stated, “I appreciate that their customers are people willing to go their own way, almost go against what’s considered ‘mainstream’. I think that NightRider symbolizes freedom. In conjunction with that, the people I’ve met from the company are extremely driven, that’s an attitude I find very contagious and I fed off of it and channeled it into my own design process”.

When asked about the watch’s design, he said, “We took the Canteen Style because the hook/crown cap construction is basically an American invention originating from World War II. We’ve now redesigned it and it’s a style element which helps make the watch water resistant. We, like NightRider, appreciate attention to detail and I think that appeals to the consumer looking to stand out from the crowd”.

The silver eagle on the dial is manufactured by NightRider at our headquarters in Arizona. Just like any other piece of NightRider jewelry, we follow the same painstaking steps in producing these dials, down to the final finishing and polishing by hand. We’ve also produced two limited editions: the eagle on the dial cast in either 14K yellow gold or rose gold. Only five of each have been made.

NightRider Jewelry 2013 Covenant Watch - Black
NightRider Jewelry 2013 Covenant Watch - Steel
NightRider Jewelry 2013 Covenant Watch - Titanium
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