NightRider Mother's Day Gift Guide

NightRider Mother's Day Gift Guide

Make Mother’s Day shine brighter than ever before with a gift from NightRider. Give her something to wear that will serve as a daily reminder of how much you love & appreciate her.

NEW: Queen’s Ring

Elevated Elegance & Enduring Love

The Queen’s Ring is a testament to the strength, dignity, and enduring love of the woman who wears it. An elegant, strong, and intelligent woman destined to lead.

Valkyria Band

A Heart as Fierce as Fire

Cherubim Pendant

Divine Protection & Guidance

Patrona Ring

A Beautiful & Powerful Guardian

Eden Toggle Chain

Simple Elegance

Grace Ring

Remembering Life’s Beauty

Adorn Ring

Love, Devotion, & Loyalty

Cherubim Ring

Connecting Heaven & Earth

Grace Pendant

A Flower That Never Fades

Sanctified Tapered Ring

Timeless Sophistication

Top 5 Reasons Why NR Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for Your Mom This Year:

  1. Sweet Reminder: Each time she puts it on, she'll be reminded of your love & appreciation.
  2. Thoughtful Symbolism: Our jewelry is more than just beautiful, each piece carries profound symbolism and meaning.
  3. Luxurious Splurge: Give her the indulgence of something special, guilt-free, because she deserves it.
  4. Timeless Treasure: Crafted to last a lifetime and beyond, our pieces often become treasured family heirlooms.
  5. Unforgettable Gift: Unlike many presents that fade away, NR jewelry ensures a lasting impression that she'll cherish for years to come.

Looking for Gold?

Did you know that all our rings and pendants can be custom ordered in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold? Call 800-566-8661 or visit us in-store for custom options.

Order in time for Mother’s Day Delivery

Don't risk disappointment by waiting too long.

Custom Gemstones or Personalizing
Last Day to Order: April 19

All Standard Pieces
Last Day to Order: May 1

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