Valkyria Band: The Warrior Woman Archetype

Valkyria Band: The Warrior Woman Archetype

There have always been women warriors. From the beginning of time, they’ve fought their own legendary battles. Whether on the literal or proverbial battlefield, female warriors have carved out their own space in the texts, folklore, and legends of the world. Throughout history, they’ve been both feared and revered for their fierce beauty and prowess—and rightfully so. Because a woman is never so dangerous as when she has something to fight for.

Introducing the Valkyria Band ring.

The Valkyria Band - A Valkyrie Ring for the Modern Woman Warrior

A Modern Valkyrie on her Motorcycle
Woman Valkyria Band and Valkyria Ring by NightRider Jewelry
Woman Motorcyclist Putting On Her Helmet - NightRider Jewelry
Woman Riding Motorcycle Wearing NightRider Jewelry

The Valkyries: Dangerous Beauty

In old Norse, they are the “Choosers of the Slain.” Sent by Odin to the battlefields, his Shieldmaidens select only the bravest of the fallen warriors—the Einherjar deemed worthy enough to earn a place in Valhalla, Odin’s “Hall of the Dead.” Each day in Valhalla, the Valkyries lead the chosen warriors in their battle training—endlessly preparing them to fight by Odin’s side in the Battle of Ragnarök. And each night, the Valkyries heal their wounds so they may feast, and then train again the following day.

The Valkyria Band ring with Red Garnet Gemstone from the Front
The Valkyria Band Ring from the Back, with Under Gallery Detail
The Valkyria Band from the Side, Showing the Norse Knotwork

Valkyria Symbols and Meanings

Every sterling silver detail tells their story:

Gem: The center gemstone represents the flash of the Valkyrie’s armor. In folklore, it is said that glimmering lights of the aurora borealis are the gleaming helms of the Valkyries as they ride their mighty steeds across the night sky.

Wings: The iconic wings of the woman warrior’s helm signify protection, truth, and purity of the soul—for the Valkyries were empowered to guard the lives of those they favored.

Under Gallery: As intricately crafted as its exterior, the ring’s under gallery illustrates a Viking longship at sea, under the protective eye of a Valkyrie.

The Spear: The chosen weapon of the Valkyries adorns the sides of each handcrafted ring. Entwined with the intricate Norse knotwork, they are an element of danger within the delicate design.

A Woman Wearing Both the Valkyria Band and Ring

Sisters in Arms

Together, the Valkyria Band and Valkyria Ring are tributes to the archetype of the female warrior. And as part of the BattleWorn Collection, they take their place amongst some of the most celebrated warriors in history.

Choose the elegance of the Valkyria Band, featuring spears and outstretched wings, cradling your choice of a red garnet or moissanite gemstone. Or choose its sister-in-arms, the unapologetically bold Valkyria Ring, a Valkyrie resplendent in a winged helmet and flashing gemstone eyes. Both capture the essence of the modern Valkyrie.


Present-day Valkyries are warriors for the new age. As fierce as the demi-goddesses of Old Norse mythology, they are a force to be reckoned with. From ancient shieldmaiden to modern woman—the “Ride of the Valkyries” takes on a whole new attitude.

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