Thermopylae Band: Stand with Honor

Thermopylae Band: Stand with Honor


Times may change, but a warrior’s soul does not. Determination and grit are baked into the marrow of their bones. And while present-day challenges take on completely different forms than the past, the warrior’s mental toughness serves him well in this modern version of the battlefield. Where each day brings new challenges, the Thermopylae Band ring reminds us that every battle is yet another opportunity to stand with honor.

A Man Wearing the Thermopylae Band Ring by NightRider Jewelry

As part of our BattleWorn collection, the Thermopylae Band is about brotherhood, honor, and resolve. It captures a moment in time. A moment where a group of warriors drew a line in the sand, standing their ground for everything they believed in. All of them knowing that the odds were overwhelmingly against them—but also knowing that their brothers had their backs.

Thermopylae Band Ring and Thermopylae Ring by NightRider Jewelry

Whether you choose the Thermopylae Band or its brother-in-arms, the original Thermopylae Ring, the souls of the ancient Spartans live on. Bold and unafraid, standing tall in the face of adversity—they're the ultimate symbol of the warrior’s resolve.

Thermopylae Band Ring by NightRider Jewelry - Front
Thermopylae Band Ring by NightRider Jewelry - Back
Thermopylae Band Ring by NightRider Jewelry - Side

The Thermopylae Band is crafted to tell the tale of one of the most famous battles in history: The Battle of Thermopylae. It depicts the legendary bravery of the 300 Spartan citizen-soldiers who stood against the invading Persian army of Xerxes. Each of the 300 went into battle knowing they were outnumbered, and yet they did not retreat. They chose to stand and fight for their convictions and their way of life, their families, and their homeland.

Look closer. The more you study the Thermopylae Band ring, the more the details of the Battle of Thermopylae are revealed.

The Spartan skull: Frozen in a defiant battle cry, representing the willingness to fight to the death for country, family, and each other

The Spartan helmet: A universal symbol of loyalty, courage, and power

Greek Key: Surrounding the helm, the Greek key design signifies the eternal ebb and flow of life and death

Spears: Each side of the ring is outfitted with the Spartan weapon of choice

Spartan shield: The most prized possession of every Spartan warrior, emblazoned with the Greek letter Lambda

The Under Gallery: The inside of the ring depicts the battle of Thermopylae—with Spartan King Leonidas and Persian King Xerxes locked in battle, their armies at their backs

Custom Engraved Thermopylae Band Ring by NightRider Jewelry


Choose up to three characters to be inscribed on the Spartan shield to create an heirloom piece that will last a lifetime and beyond. It's your chance to make your Thermopylae Band truly one-of-a-kind. Here’s how to get yours:

  • Select Yes in the Custom Engraving drop-down of the product page
  • One of our Customer Service representatives will reach out to confirm your customization.
  • Or simply call us at 800.566.8661 to place your order
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