The Guardian in the Family Ring: Wrapping Up 2022

The Guardian in the Family Ring: Wrapping Up 2022

What better way to wrap up 2022 than with one last new release?

We just couldn't resist sneaking in one more new ring before the end of the year—and this one's close to our hearts. The mashup of our Guardian Ring and the All in the Family Band creates something both familiar and yet entirely original. And we think the result is something greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether it's the family you were born into, or one that you choose, either way, when you're the Guardian of the Family, you protect the ones you love. That's just what you do.

Is it the ultimate skull ring? We’d like to think so.

Wrapping Up: All Our 2022 New Releases

2022 was the year of Rudiarius, and we think that's fitting. Because all of us standing here have battled and survived the arena of life—and come through victorious. It was also a year of innovation. We pushed our creativity, our art, and our skills to take our creations to all new levels. If you missed any of them along the way, look back with us at what NightRider released in 2022:

Rudiarius Ring

The first release in the Rudiarius series honors the exceptional Roman Gladiators who distinguished themselves on the sand of the arena floor. For the few who survived long enough, their reward was the ultimate prize: freedom.

Rudiarius Band

The Lion is both the caged animal fighting for its freedom, and a symbol of the strength and sovereignty of the Roman Empire itself.

Rudiarius Kinetic Pendant

Our first foray into incorporating kinetic movement into our jewelry, this pendant is groundbreaking. The spinning barrel on the back depicts a gladiatorial scene, which unfolds before your eyes as it rotates.

Bonus: Limited Edition Swiss Automatic Watches

You may have seen our Swiss Automatic Watches, but did you know that there were even more of them to love in 2022? With the addition of the updated 14K Jawbone Collection versions and new Two-Tone options, we leveled up our watch game yet again.

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