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The right solid silver pendant can say everything about you. So why settle for less? Tell your story with a NightRider 925 sterling silver pendant that’s exclusively designed and handcrafted right here in the USA by true American craftsmen. Every NightRider solid silver pendant speaks volumes without you having to say a word. And sure, we have a ton of relentlessly original silver pendants for men, but women love our solid sterling silver pendants too.

Looking for the perfect men’s silver pendant? Try one of our 925 silver cross pendants. Silver crosses for men just never go out of style. From big and bold crosses to more petite cross necklace pendants, you’re sure to find one that communicates your values.

Ready to go big or go home? Choose one of our silver skull pendants (like the Guardian Skull Pendant or the Old Salt Pirate Skull Pendant), or find your inner beast with a silver lion pendant like the Royal Blood Lion Pendant or the Guardian Lion Timeless Medallion. We even have a selection of eagle pendants that will have you feeling very patriotic.

If that’s not quite up your alley, we’ve got the Dublin Cross Pendant, a silver Celtic cross pendant for all you Celts. Or maybe you’d like to tap into your inner warrior? Choose from the Rudiarius Roman Gladiator Pendant, the Ocelotl Aztec Warrior Pendant, the Einherjar Viking Warrior Pendant, or even the Bushido Samurai Warrior Pendant. And for you history buffs, you can’t go wrong with our silver Fleur De Lis pendant, a stylized heraldic lily.

So take a closer look. We offer a diverse range of exceptionally crafted sterling silver pendants, and one thing’s for sure: you’ll find the perfect NightRider pendant to express your individuality.