Let's Get Personal

Jan 2nd 2020

Let's Get Personal

Every NightRider ring is unique, but here’s your chance to make your next ring truly personal. For a limited time, personalizing’s on the house. We’ll include up to three characters for free—a $150 value—on any ring purchased by phone or in-store between January 2–23, 2020. Want more than three characters? Get up to 12 for only $100 (this would usually set you back $250). To sweeten the deal, your ring will be ready in time for Valentine’s Day, just in case it’s a gift for your special someone.

This offer is only available by calling 800.566.8661 or by visiting or calling our retail locations in Scottsdale, Denver, or Honolulu.

Some Q & A about this promotion:

How is personalizing added to the ring? Is it engraved after the ring is made?

No, each ring is made as a custom item from the outset. Our jewelry designers will modify the original ring design to custom fit your personalizing into the chosen piece. From this custom design, we create a unique wax mold, and from the mold we cast the ring in silver (or gold) with your personalizing incorporated within. The personalizing is not engraved; it’s a permanent detail cast into the ring. This is why personalizing cannot be added to a piece after it’s been produced—any customization must be decided at the time of purchase.

Can I get the personalizing on a pendant or another item besides a ring?

This promotion includes rings only. For pricing or info on personalizing other NightRider Jewelry pieces, please contact our customer care team at 800.566.8661.

I purchased a ring a week ago and would like to exchange it. Can I get the personalizing on the new ring?

Exchanges or returns are not eligible for this promotion. The initial purchase of the ring must be made during the promotion period—January 2-23, 2020.

I purchased a ring the day before or after the promotion. Can I still get free personalizing on my ring?

Unfortunately, no. The purchase must be made during the promotion period—January 2-23, 2020—in order to receive free personalizing.

I’d like to personalize a ring, but I’m uncertain of the size. Can I exchange it if it’s too big or small?

Since this is a custom made-to-order item, all sales are final. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange, return, or resize a personalized ring. Please make sure you know your correct NightRider ring size before you purchase. Ideally, we recommend that you visit one of our retail locations for accurate sizing. If that isn’t possible, please visit our Customer Care page for ring sizing guidelines. If the ring is a gift and you’re uncertain of the size, the choice to personalize is at your discretion.

Can I add more than three characters or customize another part of the ring (e.g., add a date, change “NR” letters to my initials, get an inscription on the outside, etc.)?

This particular promotion allows for three free characters on the inside of the ring. If you’d like a longer inscription, during the promotion we’re offering a special upgrade price—get four to 12 characters for just $100 (normally $250). For any additional customization, please contact our customer care team at 800.566.8661 for pricing information.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered here? Just give us a call at 800.566.8661.