Let’s Get Personal

Free Personalizing
Every NightRider ring is unique, but here’s your chance to make your next ring truly personal. For a limited time, personalizing’s on the house. We’ll include up to three characters for free—a $150 value—on any ring purchased by phone or in-store between January 17–31, 2018. Want more than three characters? Get up to 12 for only $100 (this would usually set you back $250). To sweeten the deal, your ring will be ready in time for Valentine’s Day, just in case it’s a gift for your special someone.

This offer is only available by calling 800.566.8661 or by visiting or calling our retail locations in Scottsdale or Denver.

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Some Q & A about this promotion:

Q: How is personalizing added to the ring? Is it engraved after the ring is made?
A: No, each ring is made as a custom item from the outset. Our jewelry designers will modify the original ring design to custom fit your personalizing into the chosen piece. From this custom design we create a unique wax mold, and from the mold we cast the ring in silver (or gold) with your personalizing incorporated within. The personalizing is not engraved; it’s a permanent detail cast into the ring. This is why personalizing cannot be added to a piece after it’s been produced—any customization must be decided at the time of purchase.

Q: Can I get the personalizing on a pendant or another item besides a ring?
A: This promotion includes rings only. For pricing or info on personalizing other NightRider jewelry, please contact our customer care team at 800.566.8661.

Q: I purchased a ring a week ago and would like to exchange it. Can I get the personalizing on the new ring?
A: Exchanges or returns are not eligible for this promotion. The initial purchase of the ring must be made during the promotion period—January 17-31, 2018.

Q: I purchased a ring the day before or after the promotion. Can I still get free personalizing on my ring?
A: Unfortunately, no. The purchase must be made during the promotion period—January 17-31, 2018—in order to receive free personalizing.

Q: I’d like to personalize a ring but I’m uncertain of the size. Can I exchange it if it’s too big or small?
A: Since this is a custom item, all sales are final. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange, return or resize a personalized ring. Please make sure you know your correct NightRider ring size before you purchase. Ideally, we recommend that you visit one of our retail locations for accurate sizing. If that isn’t possible, please read our FAQ for ring sizing guidelines. If the ring is a gift and you’re uncertain of the size, the choice to personalize is at your discretion.

Q: Can I add more than three characters or customize another part of the ring (e.g., add a date, change “NR” letters to my initials, get an inscription on the outside, etc.)?
A: This particular promotion allows for three free characters on the inside of the ring. If you’d like a longer inscription, during the promotion we’re offering a special upgrade price—get four to 12 characters for just $100 (normally $250). For any additional customization, please contact our customer care team at 800.566.8661 for pricing information.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered here? Just give us a call at 800.566.8661.

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Holiday Gift Guide

Want to knock your gift-giving out of the park this year? Forget the stress, because the NightRider Holiday Gift Guide has got you covered. Whether it’s for your main squeeze, your mom, or even yourself (why not?!), we’ve got the right gift for every tough-to-buy-for guy or gal on your list.

You can expect their jaw will drop, too, because every NightRider piece comes in an impressive presentation gift box complete with a protective pouch, polishing cloth, and more.

Orders over $150 include Free Ground Shipping within the continental US!

Sweep him off his feet for a change! These are the rings guys want — and will actually wear.

Celtic Knot Band


All In The Family Band

Freedom or Death Band


Roses Band

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The right pendant tells you all you need to know about the man wearing it. Pair it with the perfect chain to create a personal statement piece he’ll be proud to wear.

King’s Key



Fleur de Lis Cross

Covenant Dog Tag

Aldric Cross

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Whether it’s a bold cuff or a sophisticated chain, every man should have his signature bracelet.

NightRider Toggle

All In The Family Cuff

Death’s Bloom

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If you want to win Christmas, this is how you do it. Pair the belt buckle with one of our exotic leather belts, and you have the ultimate gift that he’ll brag to his buddies about for years to come.

Guardian Latch



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Nothing says class like cufflinks that express his unique style.



Guardian Lion

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We’re guessing she’s had a few of these rings on her wishlist for a while now. Make the wait worth it.


Guardian Angel

Sanctified Tapered



Ladies Fleur de Lis

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An elegant pendant and chain is a gift every woman will keep close to her heart.

Queen’s Key


Guardian Angel

Fleur de Lis



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Every wrists deserves one, especially hers.

Sanctified Slim Cuff

Eden Toggle

Celtic Knot Cuff

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The perfect gift for her, every time. Trust us.

Fleur de Lis


Fleur de Lis Cross

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For more gift ideas, visit our online store or stop by one of our retail locations to experience the collection up close and personal. Plus, we’ve got additional in-store gift ideas that aren’t available online.

NightRider jewelry isn’t just a great gift — your purchase supports American jobs, which in turn keeps money in our local communities. The entire NightRider team thanks you, and we wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Cyber Monday 2017

Cyber Monday only! Receive an exclusive NightRider Hat with ANY online purchase at

This limited edition jet-black hat was custom made for NightRider and features an adjustable snapback closure, a black on black visor, and embroidered patch artwork.

It’s not available for sale — only as our gift to you, while supplies last. Get yours with any online purchase on November 27, 2017. This offer is only available online; not valid at NightRider Jewelry retail locations.

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Black Friday 2017

This Black Friday, receive this exclusive 7×14″ limited-edition metal art print — signed and numbered by the artist — as your complimentary gift with any in-store jewelry purchase. A $150 value.

The artwork is a NightRider original design, illustrated by our in-house artist, Jeff Trish. He’s fused together a number of iconic NightRider themes to create a striking design that’ll look amazing on any wall. These prints really have to be seen to be appreciated — the lines in the artwork reveal the premium-quality aluminum beneath, and when light dances across the art it’s truly mesmerizing. They’re sealed with a high-gloss finish, and come complete with float-mount hardware attached. A gift box is also included.

They’re available only at Scottsdale and Denver NightRider locations — not online — November 24th, 2017, while supplies last!

Please note special Black Friday store hours:
Scottsdale 6am–10pm
Denver 7am–9pm


We’re excited to announce two new additions to the NightRider Jewelry collection – the Sanctified Cuff Bracelet and the Sanctified Slim Cuff Bracelet. Expanding once again on one of our most popular jewelry series, these 925 sterling silver cuff bracelets have been in the works for months. What can we say? Art doesn’t happen overnight. Concept to design, casting to finishing, our exacting standards can’t be rushed. But the hard work is worth it every time because we put out pieces we’re proud of. Case in point — our new Sanctified Cuff bracelets: in two styles, three gemstone options, and sizes to fit just about anyone.

Sanctified Cuff Bracelet

The first is our Sanctified Cuff Bracelet – it’s a beefy solid sterling silver bracelet that’s sure to turn heads. Just choose the size that suits your style; wear it big and bold, or as a sophisticated statement piece – because it’s definitely both. Each cuff is equipped with three stones; the main center gem is a bezel-set, square cut beauty while the two matching gemstones on the flanks are prong set, accenting the banded sides. Make it all yours by choosing from red garnet, black onyx, or moissanite (stay tuned for the forthcoming blue sapphire option!).

Sanctified Slim Cuff Bracelet

The Sanctified Slim Cuff Bracelet is perfect for those wanting to make the same daring statement, just with a lower profile. It may be streamlined, but it retains every bit of that eye-catching style. With a single prominent gemstone front and center, and tapered cuff ends for extra comfort, you may never want to take this silver cuff off. With three gemstone options to choose from, there’s a look that will complement anyone’s personal style. Whether it’s fiery red garnet, mysterious black onyx, or brilliant moissanite, you can make it your own.
And be sure to check back soon, because we plan on adding blue sapphire as one of the jewel options on this style as well.

Of course, these are just the most recent additions to the Sanctified line from NightRider.
We’ve continually added to the series since the debut of the first Sanctified Ring because it’s consistently been one of our most sought-after designs. From the first ring in 2013, to the Sanctified Tapered Ring, to the Trigger Bracelet and Wallet Chain, the Cufflinks, and Latch Buckle – it’s easy for anyone to achieve a sophisticated and pulled-together look that will impress. Whether you coordinate them all, or mix and match with other great pieces, you know that your signature style will be shining through.

Sanctified RingSanctified Ring

Sanctified Tapered RingSanctified Tapered Ring

Sanctified Trigger BraceletSanctified Trigger Bracelet

Sanctified Wallet ChainSanctified Wallet Chain

Sanctified CufflinksSanctified Cufflinks

Sanctified Latch BuckleSanctified Latch Buckle


The original design process for the first ring was pretty off the beaten track for NightRider at the time. Inspired by an ongoing spiritual exploration and journey of self-discovery, it was lead designer Nick Ballantyne’s first foray into more freeform design – free of the conceptual symbolism that usually drives his work. Instead, he let his creativity flow unrestrained. What emerged was a combination of soft organic lines paired with symmetrical geometrics to form a pattern that spoke to him.

We knew the ring was unique, and we knew that such an abstract design would evoke very different feelings in different people. Plus, it was somewhat of a departure from the themes of our other work. How would it be received and interpreted? We had no idea – but we were about to find out, because it was time for it to make its debut on the big stage.

You see, at this point we still had no name for either the ring or the design itself. Here at the shop, it was simply known as NTR – Name This Ring. Because from the very beginning, this unique ring was designed for the 2013 Name This Ring contest, an annual NightRider event on social media where we ask our fans, old and new, to name the piece for posterity. Of all the wonderful name submissions, one stood out and won the votes of the public – Sanctified.

As it turns out, people loved it. It was followed quickly by the Sanctified Tapered ring, a slightly sized-down version with a narrower band. Both proved popular, and we soon realized that we’d hit a chord; the Sanctified ring, when paired with the Sanctified Tapered version had become a favorite choice for alternative his & hers wedding bands. Now that’s a high compliment by any standards!

As we continue to be inspired by the overall Sanctified reception, we’re driven to design and create more. With the series now containing two cuff bracelets, two rings, a coordinating chain bracelet, a wallet chain, cufflinks, plus belt buckle… what would you like to see next?