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NightRider rings are meticulously crafted from solid 925 sterling silver and precious stones and handcrafted right here in our Arizona shop, because we believe the finest sterling silver rings aren’t spit out by some soulless machine overseas. Our silver rings for men and women are big and bold, just like the people who wear them.

We believe men’s sterling silver rings should always make a statement, and never blend in with the crowd. The best 925 rings are right here, and you won’t find these rings anywhere else…because every single NightRider sterling ring is relentlessly original and designed and crafted in-house by our own artists.

Does your jewelry tell your story? NightRider believes your jewelry should represent who you are and what you stand for. That’s why every real silver ring has a deeper meaning and incorporates deep symbolism into the design. Your ring will spin a tale that speaks to you – and will become a part of you.

And did you know that many of our most popular rings are available up to a ring size 20? That’s right. NightRider Jewelry knows that big and tall men need extra-large men’s rings, and they deserve a great selection of the finest USA handcrafted silver rings around.

So, take the plunge and become a part of the NightRider family.