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The silver belt buckle. It’s the ultimate men’s accessory and an often-overlooked wardrobe staple. What other men’s accessory besides a sterling silver belt buckle can so decisively convey a personal sense of style? Nothing else a man could wear has quite the same impact, and our solid silver buckles never disappoint.

There’s a difference between NightRider sterling buckles and most silver buckles you generally see online and elsewhere. All our solid 925 silver buckles are designed and meticulously handcrafted in the USA by artists and craftsmen who take pride in every piece they create.

Whether it’s a statement-making biker skull belt buckle, a silver cross belt buckle, a silver eagle belt buckle, or a classic fleur de lis belt buckle, a sterling silver belt buckle is the secret to making the ultimate impression.

Let’s face it. Men's dress wear isn't exactly known for its individuality. But investing in the right NightRider solid silver belt buckle changes all that. Forever.