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Honolulu Grand Opening
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Spotlight On Moissanite


When Henri Moissan first noticed minute traces of the mineral silicon carbide in 1893, he understandably mistook them for tiny diamond crystals in his rock samples. That wouldn’t be such a strange thing to find, considering he was examining samples collected from the Canyon Diablo crater, the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. It wasn’t until years later that Moissan would take a second look and realize that what he’d discovered weren’t diamonds at all—but something entirely new, rare, and exciting.

In fact, moissanite is so rare that for fifty years after its discovery many scientists, geologists, and gemologists doubted it existed in nature at all. The only traces of it that anyone had been able to find were from other meteorites—earning the gem the nickname “stardust” because it was literally from outer space. Even when it was later determined to be naturally occurring after all, it could only be found in such miniscule amounts that it was by far rarer, and more precious than diamonds.


Today, natural moissanite is still extremely rare—but the beauty of the stone has inspired man’s endless innovation. Lab-created moissanite is now available and prized for both its dazzle and durability, and we think it’s stunning.

Moissanite has a whole lot going for it. First, our moissanite always has a clarity grade of at least VS— meaning it will have zero visible flaws, ever. Many gems, including diamonds, sapphires, and others, often have inclusions or flaws that are visible to the naked eye. And while that’s not the end of the world, those flaws can really affect the stone’s brilliance and fire—so the better the clarity, the more sparkle.


And if sparkle is what you’re looking for, moissanite has you covered. It has 10% more “brilliance,” or sparkle than a diamond—meaning it outshines them every time. If you like a little more flash with that sparkle, moissanite also has over twice the “fire” of a diamond—2.4x more, to be exact—which is the measurement of how much the light refracts and bounces through the stone like a prism. The big difference is that diamonds have a white-light fire, while moissanite’s fire throws more of a rainbow effect. It just depends on which you prefer.

But what about durability, you ask? The reason we choose moissanite for our sterling silver jewelry is because it’s incredibly tough. While just about everyone knows that diamonds are the hardest mineral known to man (at a 10.0 on the Mohs scale), moissanite comes in a close second at 9.25. That makes it harder than rubies, sapphires or emeralds. So not only can it withstand everyday wear and tear, it will last a lifetime without the brilliance ever fading. To top it off, moissanite attracts less dust and grease than other gemstones, so will look great longer between cleanings.


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking of moissanite as a diamond alternative—yes, they’re both clear, colorless gems with a lot of sparkle—but moissanite is not just a faux diamond. While comparisons between them may be inevitable, we think moissanite is an outstanding gemstone in its own right, and are proud of the quality and beauty of every stone we set into our sterling silver.


Father’s Day Gifts That Will Rock Dad’s World

Father's Day Gift Guide

Face it. Maybe Dad’s not a tie guy. Or he already has plenty of ties, thank you very much. He’s a man who’s got a sense of style all his own and knows exactly what he likes—but never pulls the trigger on it. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, what do you get a guy who never seems to splurge on himself? Our Father’s Day Gift Guide makes it quick and easy to give him what he’s really had his eye on.


Whether Dad goes for more classic styles or likes to walk a little more on the wild side, get him a ring that he’ll be proud to show off for years to come.


Celtic Knot Band


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Does he like big and bold? If so, then we’ve got the bracelets he’s been dreaming of. Cuff, Link or Chains—each is a substantial, handcrafted piece of art.

NightRider Toggle

All In The Family Cuff

Royal Mortem

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Every man deserves at least one piece of jewelry that truly expresses who he is. Give Pop a pendant and chain that speak volumes, and you’ll instantly up Dad’s cool factor.


King’s Key

Don’t Tread On Me Eagle

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Want the ultimate gift for the ultimate Dad? Pair one of our outrageously bold belt buckles with an exotic leather belt. He’ll be so stoked, he’ll want to tuck in his shirts to show it off (but don’t let him)!



Renaissance Cross

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Cufflinks don’t make the man, but they sure do make him dapper. Give Dad a gift that will take his formal wear to the next level and let his personal style shine through.



Guardian Lion

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For more gift ideas, visit our online store or stop by one of our retail locations to experience the collection up close and personal. Plus, we’ve got additional in-store gift ideas that aren’t available online.

NightRider Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

What Should You Get a Cool Mom for Mother’s Day?

There are some amazing women in your life, right? As beautiful as they are strong, as determined as they are caring, and doing all of it with style and grace. Somehow amidst the chaos of life, they are the glue holding everything around them together. For all that they do for us, May 13th is their day.

This Mother’s Day, let her know she’s an absolute rock star in your eyes. Because the truth is, every mom is a cool mom.


Mom’s no dainty wallflower. She’ll cherish a striking ring that never fails to get noticed and spark conversations.


Guardian Angel



Anointed Tapered

Ladies Fleur De Lis Cross

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Whether she likes to wear it alone or stacked with a favorite bangle, these handcrafted bracelets and cuffs quickly become staples of any woman’s wardrobe.

Eden Toggle

Sanctified Slim Cuff

Celtic Knot Cuff

Roses Cuff

Genesis Toggle

NightRider Toggle

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A pendant and chain combo create a signature piece she won’t want to leave the house without.


Guardian Angel

Fleur de Lis


Queen’s Key


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Can understated make a bold statement? You bet it can, when you give the right earrings.

Fleur de Lis


Fleur de Lis Cross

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For more gift ideas, visit our online store or stop by one of our retail locations to experience the collection up close and personal.

NightRider Opens New Store In Honolulu

Say hello to the brand new NightRider Honolulu store! This was a long time coming, yet somehow it feels like this was always one of the places we’d end up—and we couldn’t be more excited that the dream has become a reality.

We’ve thought a lot about why we were drawn to Hawaii. And we think it comes down this: in Hawaiian culture, ohana means “family”. But really, it’s so much more than that. The definition of ohana isn’t restricted to blood relations—it goes much deeper. It means the strong bonds that encompass the extended family, the adoptive family, as well as the family we make. It’s about the community of people that you choose to surround yourself with every day. The people who’d never forget you, and in return you’ll never forget. In other words, your tribe.

Ohana speaks to us, because at NightRider family is everything. Our tribe extends well beyond our walls. It’s a far-flung gathering of like-minded, freedom-loving folk who wear their values and beliefs on their sleeves. Those you see wearing NightRider are all our brothers and sisters. They’re our community and our ohana. We think that’s part of why we’ve always wanted a store here, and why we felt drawn to Hawaii from the start.

So, whether you’re from here or happen to find yourself visiting this little slice of paradise—make sure to stop by the NightRider Honolulu store and catch up with your island ohana.

NightRider Jewelry Honolulu
Located at International Market Place, on the lower level in the Banyan Court
2330 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815
808.450.3439 | Map

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