Scottsdale Soirée

*** Click here to RSVP on Facebook *** Yeah, yeah, yeah. Denver is having their 3-year Anniversary party. Honolulu’s got their Store Blessing and Grand Opening celebration—so what are we cooking up in Scottsdale? Well, we love a good party … Continue reading

Denver 3 Year Anniversary

*** Click here to RSVP on Facebook *** Can you believe it’s been three years since NightRider Jewelry opened in Denver? The time has flown by, and it seems like just yesterday that we were having the grand opening party. … Continue reading

Honolulu Grand Opening

*** Click here to RSVP on Facebook. *** The NightRider Honolulu store has been open a few months now—and it’s been quite the ride! The team hit the ground running from the moment the doors swung open and have been … Continue reading

Spotlight On Moissanite

QUICK HISTORY OF A SPACE ROCK When Henri Moissan first noticed minute traces of the mineral silicon carbide in 1893, he understandably mistook them for tiny diamond crystals in his rock samples. That wouldn’t be such a strange thing to … Continue reading