Patriot Day: 9/11 Run

Please join Team Red, White and Blue & the NightRider family in paying tribute to our veterans on Patriot Day! We’re hosting a run with two route options and snacks & refreshments at NightRider’s Chandler, AZ corporate office. This event … Continue reading

NightRider Nuptials: A Ceremony In Sturgis

Stan and Andrea are NightRider customers who wanted to do something different for their wedding. Like many couples, they ordered custom rings—in this case, his and hers Till Death Do Us Part rings, with lots of cool customization. They chose … Continue reading

The Time Has Come

Introducing the first ever NightRider watches! Manufactured through a partnership with Swiss watchmaker TW Steel, this first run of 300 high quality timepieces features a .925 silver eagle on the dial and a durable canteen-style crown cap. Features include a … Continue reading